Fishing at Boleside

The Catch

Boleside Fishing on the River TweedThe prime weeks on the Tweed currently occur during September, October and November but in the past the spring run was very significant and, as records show, fish can be caught throughout the season, with the best of the early fishing on Boleside occurring during April, May and early June.

Boleside holds a very special position on the river in that the majority of fish coming into the river in the first seven months of the year are heading for the Ettrick, the junction of which lies at the top end of the beat.

Fish tend to congregate on Boleside until conditions suit to run the Ettrick.

It is partly for this reason that there is seldom a week during the season when there is not an opportunity to catch a fish.

In good water conditions the fishing can be very productive with the majority of fish being fresh.

In the spring, the average weight of fish caught is between 6lbs and 9lbs although occasionally fish of 15lbs plus are caught.

The average weight of autumn fish ranges between 12lbs and 18lbs with occasional heavier fish being caught.