Loch Fishing

Brown Trout Fishing in Lochs

Quality Brown Trout fishing is available on numerous Lochs. Laggan’s trout fishing is regarded by many as some of the best trout fishing to be had on the island.

Lochs Tallant and Beinn Uraraidh have both been restocked and large baskets of trout up to 2 1/2 lbs are a regular occurrence.

Loch Sgorra offers the opportunity to catch truly wild trout up to 7lbs in weight.

Loch Dhomhnuill feeds the Duich River, one of Laggan’s major spawning tributaries and offers the opportunity to catch both brown and sea trout.

The Estate has rowing boats on Lochs Tallant and Beinn Uraraidh but fishing is normally carried out from the bank.

Transport can be arranged by Argocat to Lochs Bein Uraraidh and Sgorra for those that do not wish a long walk. Argocat access price dependant upon rod numbers (for further details contact the Estate Office tel 01496 810235).

Loch Fishing – Daily Rod Charges

  • £15 per rod per day, any loch
  • £10 per rod per evening, any loch

The other lochs are accessible by motor vehicles.