Stalking at Laggan EstateLaggan Estate offers exciting stalking for red deer on the open hill, against the backdrop of stunning views of the west of Scotland.

Whilst out stalking you may see golden eagles, grouse and all the other flora and fauna the hill has to offer.

The red deer on Islay are one of the few remaining herds of pure red deer.

From early September onwards, the stags will be heard roaring as the rut gets into full flow, this being by far and away the most exciting time to be out on the hill.

We have in recent years achieved three MacNabs.

The estate can also offer roe deer stalking either on foot or from high seats.

Deer Seasons. (Scotland)

Red Deer. (Stags) 1st July to 20th October
Red Deer (Hinds) 21st October to 15th February
Roe Deer (Bucks) 1st April to 20th October
Roe Deer (Does) 21st October to 31st March

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